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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 25, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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bambino. >> so, the sock's new owner says he has a contract that started the curse, the one that brought babe ruth to new york from boston. still, i wouldn't do that. i would not buy that sock. >> exactly. want to show you something we teased before. you don't see this every day. police say a driver near houston lost control on a curve, hit a house. went -- actually went airborne and landed on the roof, as you can see. >> fuel leaked into the house. a crane operator was called in to remove this car. amazingly, nobody in the car or the house was actually seriously injured. >> that's good news. that's it for me. it's not it for you. thanks for watching "around the world." love the new name? >> i do. catchy. >> new identity. more work tomorrow. >> thanks. c "cnn newsroom" continues after this. pope benedict xvi last week
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at the vatican, no short of drama, of course. a cardinal from scott atlanta now resigning over inappropriate behavior. and the reports of blackmail, sex parties and abuse. they were out sailing but their boat reportedly sank. four people, including two young children, are missing. the search off the coast of california. and he is now back in the spotlight. notre dame linebacker manti te'o, he's asking nfl teams, judge his skills, not his personal life. this is "cnn newsroom," i'm suzanne malveaux. 35 million americans dealing with a crippling blizzard, a winter storm from colorado to texas. second major storm to hammer the region in a week. so, this is what it looks like. in is amarillo, texas, whiteout conditions now closing roads, even forcing the state to pull its snowplows off the roads. emergency crews having some
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trouble actually reaching stranded drivers. in wichita, texas -- kansas, rather, schools are closed for a third day. parts of the city could get up to 26 inches of snow. this is on top of 22 inches the city got last week. the governor has extended a state of emergency declaration there. up to 19 inches of snow hitting jefferson, colorado. about 70 miles from denver. hundreds of flights were canceled in denver because of this weather. chad myers bringing all of this to us. what does it look like particularly in the texas panhandle? >> you know, it is really a mess. when i heard they were pulling the plows off the roads because it was too dangerous for the plows -- >> that's crazy. >> -- i thought, i grew up in buffalo, i've never heard of such a thing. then i saw the pictures and the white-out conditions. it was white out and dark before sunrise. it's still snowing in amarillo, in lubbock, woodward, elk city.
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witch tash wichita, you're getting snow. kansas city, you'll get it tonight. we're getting a crew out there as we speak because the snow will be very heavy at times. a live shot from the department of transportation in texas. this is i-27 north of lubbock. it updates about every ten seconds. you will not find a car on there. i tell you what, i haven't seen a snowplow either. it is a mess out there. the radar continues to show it will be coming up with these winds, 33, 34, 35. i just saw an amarillo wind gust over 70 miles per hour. so, it is really coming down. the winds are still blowing here. lubbock just had a gust there of 53. you think about this, 13 inches of snow on the ground and all of a sudden things are going everywhere. this entire blizzard is blowing snow from one side all the way to the other. and we're going to see that snow right along this i-35 corridor into kansas city tonight. but it does go north of st. louis. that's something there. st. louis, you'll get an awful
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lot of rain but it will just be a cold rain, not snow. >> wow, more big weather. thank you. a big story in washington as well for the forced spending cuts that will be taking effect in four days, president obama addressing the nation's governors today at the white house. the administration now has laid out specifics for each state on what they're going to lose if those $85 billion in cuts actually happen on friday. >> thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to deal with finding child care for their children. hundreds of thousands of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings. these impacts will not all be felt on day one. but rest assured, the uncertainty is already having an effect. companies are preparing layoff notices. >> the president is blaming the situation on congressional republicans. he asked governors to speak to
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representatives on capitol hill to try to reach some sort of compromise. as you can imagine, republicans, they see things differently. you have live pictures now. gop governors, republicans making their case about the forced spending cuts. they're holding this news conference there. clearly. and they are responding to the fact that this could happen and each side is blaming the other. want to bring in two players to talk about this. this is our chief business correspondent, ali velshi monitoring from new york, john king in washington, who's covered this years and years at the white house. ali, first of all, the cuts, break down for us. what could we actually see in real terms? how this impacts all of us starting on friday. >> all right. what we haven't got is a breakdown from all the agencies that have to impose these cuts, which have to be put into place if they don't have a deal at the end of friday. starting saturday. you'll probably see, for most federal workers that the president was talking b they need 30 days before they're laid off.
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if you live in parts of the country where you have a great impact of the federal government, military bases or contractors to the defense industry, you'll feel it more in those environments than you will in certain urban centers. a whole lot of kids will have to ged out of the head start programs, teachers put on furlough as a result. the faa will have to start giving notices to air traffic controllers. they're going to shut down, they said, possibly up to 100 smaller towers at less used airports around the country. the inspection -- security inspections will take a little longer. bottom line is it's $85 billion over seven months but they have to start in many of these government agencies, human capital is the biggest expense. labor is the biggest expense. now, just the key thing to remember here that's become fashionable in the last week or so to suggest this isn't going to be as serious as it is, i want to remind people in the third quarter of 2012, the u.s. economy actually shriv, eled it didn't grow. where you want people to be
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paying taxes, there will be jobs lost. you may think this is a great opportunity to get cuts you wouldn't get but bottom line, there are small portion of people who think this is actually going to be good for the economy. probably not in the short term. >> john, i want to go to you because as bush would say, this is not his first rodeo, right? we've seen this before, seen this play out, this brinksmanship up until the very end. what does this mean in terms of blame? >> you're right. the united states hasn't had a real budget, passed in 16 years. you can say, here we go again, another crisis. but this president and white house have brought to now lows the distrust in wash. who's to blame? if you put that to public opinion as pew research says, one reason the president is out more public because he believes he has the higher ground. 31% blame the president so 49% blame republicans in congress, and 11% both.
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the president thinks he has the higher ground. as ali pointed out, this is a huge risk. a president beginning his second term. he wants to get more done. the way to get things done is have a strong economy. the president could win in the short term and pay in the long term. if the economy stumbles and if you can't think it could get any worse but he still has to do business with republicans on immigration, on gun control, on other issues, so he could be poisoning the well some more -- not just the president, both parties -- and if the economy goes south on this president, it will impact his second term. >> it will be interesting to see if he uses executive order to get something done if he can't work with republicans. ali, the final question here, any agencies, departments you think that are exempt from all of these cuts across the board? >> as you know, these cuts -- this is something to remember because a lot of people say, well, it's only a small part of the federal budget because most of it can't be touched, it's nondiscretionary. there's a lot of spending that won't get effected.
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little in medicare will be cut. cuts around the edges. nothing in social security. again, most federal agencies of the u.s. government are not equipment and building heavy. they're people heavy. again, you may think that's right or wrong, but people are going to get cut. if you live in a community where there are lots of people who will get laid off, that will have an impact on the small businesses in that community. it's going to be a ripple effect. it won't be like the government shutdown which we'll be talking about a month from now where something will happen the next day and you'll all notice it and you'll all feel it. that's not how this is going to be. it's going to be gradual. i think there's a real risk it could be damaging. >> john, to button this all up, what do we think this means in terms of the president's legacy? last time aaa downgraded one level here. if this actually goes into effect, do you think it will have a dark mark, a stain on his legacy? >> reporter: i think the big question mark is how long does this last? ali mentioned that deadline at the end of march. one calculation in washington is this sequester or children at play or forced budget cuts,
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whatever you want to call it, will take effect on friday. because of that second deadline they'll have to work something out pretty quickly. the calculation is to do one deal instead of two deals. avoid the sequester and paying for the government. as to the legacy question, i think it matters, a, what happened what happens to the economy in the long term and, b, can this president create a working environment with republicans because he can't get the big things done. guns, immigration, anything else, he can't get it done without republicans and right now they're back at this again. >> not surprising. john, ali, i want to dip in and listen to republican scott walker of wisconsin is speak. let's listen in. >> the federal reserve projected $290 they would make up in spending. most people tapped into their savings and the last thing we want to do is take hanmoney out hands of the americans consumers. my hope is we see something better than the arbitrary cuts
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being proposed and something that doesn't cripple the economy. >> i think it's important to point out the president's proposal is not about increasing rates. it's about closing loopholes here. i think governor o'malley and governor engijindal have someth to say. >> i want to disagree with my colleague's statements. i think it is possible to cut less than 3% of the federal budget without causing devastating consequences. to the earlier question, can you achieve these ruction without, for example, jeopardizing children's access to vaccinations. let's be clear, the spending -- the federal budget will actually be larger even after these reductions than it was last year. i think there is a responsible way to cut less than 3% of the federal budget. i think it's time for the president to show leadership. i think it's time for him to head to congress a prioritized list preserving critical issues. every family has to balance
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their budget, isn't allowed to spend more than they need, every business is more efficient, tighten their belt. the reality is it can be done. this administration has an insatiable appetite for new revenue. almost $6 trillion of new debt. over $600 billion of new taxes in the most recent deal. enough's enough. now is the time to cut spending. it can be done without jeopardizing the economy, without jeopardizing critical services. the president needs to stop campaigning, stop trying to scare the american people, stop trying to scare states. every american knows out there, they believe 3% of the federal government spending is wasteful spending and they would tell you there's room to cut the waste without jeopardizing critical services. i say if these cuts really are that devastating, would he at least consider delaying some new spending instead of cutting new programs? for example, medicaid expansions? he disagreed with that pep did not want to do that. if these cuts are so devastating, why are we spending new dollars to create new
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programs? i respectfully -- look, he basically -- and i don't want to put words in the president's mouth. my sense was that he felt that the election has consequences and he felt that the majority -- he was not open to having that conversation again. but again, i'll let the white house speak for themselves. bottom line, you'll hear diversity of views from different governors. my view is you can cut less than 3% of the federal budget without cutti devastating cons -- >> governor bobby jindal speaking at the mike at the white house. i want to bring back in ali. i know you've got some -- some things you're taking issue with here. is he correct when he says that? >> no. >> that it's not going to hurt the way we think it is? >> it's a weird math republicans are using, 3% of the federal budget. that would be fine. that sounds very reasonable. except you can't touch entitlements. it's 3% of a small part of the federal budget which makes it a very big part of some major
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agencies. it's misleading stuff bobby jindal is saying, number one. number two when he says families understand they have to live within their budget. i don't know a lot of families who buy a house with cash. buying a house on a mortgage, is that living within your budget or not living within your budget? you would have to be 80 years old to be able to buy a house with cash. we have an understanding in our society, it may be flawed, that we borrow money based on our future earnings potential. all people do that, companies do that and governments do that. there's a point at which you can say, we've gone too far with that or we're too much of a risk of not paying back so we'll end up paying a higher interest rate. when you borrow too much money, your personal interest rate goes up, credit cards go up. but to suggest within your means and balanced budget nonsense is just misleading. that is not how families live. it's not how businesses conduct themselves. it is certainly not since the history of time the way governments run themselves. bobby jindal is a smart guy. he runs a state. he needs to not talk like this and it's become common to hear this stuff coming out in these press conferences. >> ali, where is the compromise,
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though? is there a compromised proposal here that is reasonable for both sides that they could actually be satisfied with? >> they both want something that's in this thing. the democrats really want these massive defense cuts that there's no other way they'll ever get achieved politically. the republicans want what a lot of these cuts to these things they call waste. the truth is the only way you balance the budget in this country, the only way you get to a debt that doesn't keep growing is to attack the entitlements. social security, medicare, those kinds of things and nobody wants to touch that. the compromise is simpson/bowles or some version thereof, which includes higher taxes and includes more strategic cuts than these ham-fisted ones we're seeing right now. that's the issue. the compromise, neither party wants to sit at the table and sign off on. >> let's bring back john. are you seeing any signs of potentially the two sides deciding they are going to compromise? it looks like from what we've been following, nobody is even talking to each other.
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it is essentially a done deal on friday. >> before the deadline the answer is no. some members of congress circulating proposals in case, some staff members drawing up plans in case? absolutely. the president reached out last week and cauldron leaders essentially to check in, no negotiating, i asked what vice president biden -- remember, the last couple of crisis he's gone up and cut a deal with mitch mcconnell. i've heard that's not happening. it's only monday. as of now, suzanne, both sides are calculating these go into effect on friday. the question then is, what happens? republicans are betting people won't see devastating cuts and they won't have that outrage ali talked about and they'll get leverage with the president. the white house is calculating quite differently. looks like on this day we're going to drive over this. what the president is the republicans to agree for the second time in six or seven weeks to raise taxes. a, they say they're not going to do that. b, they're especially not going to do that unless it's part of a huge grand bargain where they get medicare, social security, that's not on the horizon for
1:17 pm
this week. >> we'll bring you back every day this week. try to sort this out, figure this out, see if anything changes. big, big stakes, very high stakes if this does not work out. thank you. appreciate it. here's what's coming up this hour- they were on a bike trip through peru when all communication stopped. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25th. so, to me, anything could have happened since then. >> how the u.s. state department is joining the search for this missing couple. and then pope benedict xvi's last week at the vatican, not short of drama. a cardinal from scotland now resigning over alleged inappropriate behavior. there are reports of blackmail, sex parties and abuse. live report from rome up next. a new study showing americans drink too much. this is "cnn newsroom." everyone's retirement dream is different;
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a mystery unfolding in the mountains of peru.
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two american cyclist on a trip from the coast to lima are now missing. jamie neil and garrett were updating on social media, checking in with family members. that abruptly stopped last month and nobody has heard anything. jamie neil's twin sister says she trying to stay hopeful. >> she's my sister. i'm just not going to listen to anybody until she calls me. >> rafael romo has been following this story for us. very toiuching. they want to hold onto some kind of hope here. what do peruvian police believe? >> i've been intact with the police and they tell me unwhat the family is telling media, they were seen for the last time
1:22 pm
on february 16th in peru at a hostil where they stayed. the area where they're traveling is a remote area, the mountains, the jungle. the family says they had been chronicling their travels. they were also in argentina and chile. this area, eye been there, it's very difficult to get communication unless you're carrying a satellite phone, which i don't think it's the case. we're talking about jamie neal and garrett hand. she's 25, he's 25, both avid cyclists. their idea was to go to different countries in south america and travel by bicycle. now, the peruvian national police say part of the trip was using a river and it takes 15 days to go from one end of the river to the other so the hope out there is that they may be in the middle of this trip, they
1:23 pm
may be just find, unable to communicate with their family. >> anybody who suspects foul play at this point? or they think they just can't contact them right now? >> not at this point. the peruvian national police is not investigating the case where foul play was involved. again, from the family's perspective, not being able to know anything about them for about a month, it is very, very difficult and, again, the embassy, the u.s. embassy in lima also involved, providing assistance to peruvian authorities. but it is the peruvian authorities who have to do this investigation. >> thank you. give us an update if you find out anything at all. coming up, pope benedict xvi's final days in power. now filling up with scandal. a top british cardinal resigned after four priests accused him of inappropriate acts. plus, there are allegations of gay priests at the vatican being blackmailed by male prostitutes. details from rome up next. well, there is.
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want to go live to the white house. secretary of homeland security janet that pal ton notice speaking about how she believes these automatic spending cuts that go into effect on friday impact the security of our country. let's listen in. >> tornadoes in places like tuscaloosa, joplin and other major disasters across the country. and homeland security grant funding would be reduced to its lowest level in seven years, leading to potential layoffs of state and local emergency personnel across the country. let me close by saying this, threats from terrorism and the need to respond and recover from national disasters do not dim inish because of budget cuts. in the current fiscal climate we don't have the luxury to making cuts to our capabilities without significant impacts. we will work to continue to
1:28 pm
preserve our front line priorities as best we can. but no amount of planning can can mitigate the negative effects of sequestration. so, as we approach the 1st of march, i join with all of my other colleagues and with the governors, who we just heard outside to ask the congress to prevent sequestration in order to maintain the safety, security and resiliency of the country. thank you. >> we'll take some questions for the secretary. yes. >> reporter: you were talking about -- >> hearing from the secretary of homeland security, again, making the case why she believes these automatic spending cuts that go into effect on friday would, in fact, hurt the country and specifically the security of the country. coming up, pope benedict xvi's final days in power, now full of scandal. top british cardinal resigned after four priests accused him of inappropriate acts. plus, there are allegations of gay priests at the vatican being blackmailed by male prostitutes.
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prostitution and blackmail. the pope issued an order allowing the cardinals to choose his successor to start a little earlier. they don't have to wait 15 days. part of the process when the conclave starts, scotland's cardinal keith o'brien, who has resigned amid allegations he abused four priests studying to be priests in the '80s. christiane amanpour joins us from rome. talk to us about what "the observer" newspaper is now reporting. one of the priests in his 20s in the '80s accuses o'brien of inappropriate action on his behalf. what are we talking about? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is, you know, been reported by "the observer" newspaper in england and talking about these four priests, three were priests, one was a clergy
1:33 pm
member, over a period of years that stretched back for a long, long time, to the '80s. now, it has to be said that cardinal o'brien vigorously denies this and is considering -- or is now taking legal counsel. and he has, as you know, decided to not come to rome for the conclave. now, many here would say that was a wise decision. the pope today decided to accept o'brien's resignation. he had to resign because of his age and he did so several months ago. but often popes allow certain priests to carry on for a period of months before they have to step down. in any event, his resignation was accepted. he's not coming. his own website, the church of scotland, has said that he would rather not be the focus of attention here. the attention should be on pope benedict and his last few days. so, that's the situation at the moment. >> do we understand what he's actually been accused of?
1:34 pm
>> reporter: you know, it's this murky, murky description of inappropriate sexual misconduct, inappropriate sexual relationships. so, we don't really know more than that. these people have not come forward publicly. and details of their allegations have not been made public. now, the question is, and i just spoke to a former clergyman who's done a lot of reporting on this, why now? it appears that a lot of it has to do with both o'brien's resignation and potentially the resignation of pope benedict, that they wanted to get these allegations out and in the open around this time so that, you know, some statute or the other doesn't expire. obviously, so much more investigation needs to be done into these allegations. but what is known about cardinal o'brien, apart from the fact that he denies all this, is that he was very publicly anti-homosexual. he spoke very publicly against that, including against
1:35 pm
homosexual adoptions. but also one of the news-making interviews he gave just recently before these allegations were reported in the london "observer" is that he felt it was time to start talking about marriage for catholic priests. as you know, in the catholic faith they are meant to be celebate. we're not sure if there's any connection with how that came out publicly but that's something he made public in an interview not so long ago. >> is there any talk about how this might impact pope benedict's own legacy here? i mean, he was the first one who acknowledged, apologized to the victims of sexual abuse, that he met with those victims. is this going to taint his legacy or do you think this is going to basically clear out and make room for the next pope, you know, not without a record? >> reporter: well, suzanne, as you rightly say, pope benedict xvi did make several firsts, the
1:36 pm
apologies, the attempt for more transparency, the attempt for more accountability for these serial sexual abusers, frankly, committing not just sins but crimes against children that date back generations. so, he did tackle this publicly. however, the criticism has been that it's certainly not gone far enough. as you know, senior cardinals are still being questioned about this. just last week cardinal dolan of new york was deposed about what happened in milwaukee, you know, when all these children from a deaf school were abused by a priest called father murphy. the archbishop of los angeles, mahoney, was deposed over the weekend about shielding and covering up. again, scores and scores of abusers. so, it doesn't seem to end, this scandal. clearly people do believe it will taint the legacy of the pope because here it is happening in the full light of
1:37 pm
mass communications, social media, accountability, much more trend towards transparency in the world and yet the vatican has not been able to fully hold these abusers accountable and give the kind of transparency and the kind of redress the victims demand. >> thank you. appreciate it. another story, they're out sailing but their boat reportedly sank. now four people, including two young kids r now missing. the search off the coast of california. and then he is accused, believe it or not, of plotting to kill and cook women. the trial begins in the so-called cannibal cop case. ♪ [ male announcer ] whether it's mom's smartphone...
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[ male announcer ] call today and get adt for less than $2 a day. helping protect your business is our business. adt. always there. for a couple and two children in the waters off san francisco. they radioed in after their 29-foot sailboat began taking on water sunday afternoon. it's about 65 miles from monterey bay. an hour later, they had abandoned ship and the coast guard lost communication with them. want to bring in dan simon, who's in san francisco. what do we know about where they are? do with have any idea? does the coast guard know? >> reporter: we're at a coast guard sector in san francisco. this is where the search is being coordinated. let me tell you the latest information we have. we know there are about 65 miles west of monterey. that's apparently according to the coast guard listening to the
1:41 pm
radio transition and trying to sort of isolate where this family is. we're talking about a husband, a wife, their 4-year-old son and a cousin. at this point, there's an all-out search to try to find this family. they have helicopter above looking for them, boats on the water. i want to bring in petty officer pam balin from the coast guard. you heard some radio transmissions from the father who radioed in yesterday afternoon at 4:30, then again at 5:30. how did he sound? what did he say about their condition? >> he contacted the coast guard at 4:30. he sounded relatively calm, considering the fact they were taking on water and they had children on board. he sounded like he wasn't -- panic hadn't set in. he contacted the coast guard several times. each time we learned a little more about the situation. and then the last transition we got from them he still sounded pretty calm. they had to abandon ship. that was the last thing we heard from them and it's been an all-out search ever since.
1:42 pm
>> reporter: what struck me is that they apparently had no life jackets on board. they were trying to apparently make a make-shift like preserver using a foam cooler and maybe an inner tube, something like that. that's obviously not the way you want to be prepared. >> certainly. we always tell sailors that every time you get under way, even in the san francisco bay, have you to do everything you can to prepare for the worst case scenario. so, life jackets, life rafts, flares, emergency position radio, beacon radio. they had a radio on board, which was good for them to contact us so we could start the search, but they didn't -- they didn't have a life raft, so they had to improvise. now we're trying to find four people who are -- we don't even know if they made it onto that make-shift life raft. >> reporter: what happened specifically with this boat? were they out in high seas or did they run into some rocks? what happened? >> they were out about 68 miles or so off the coast, so the
1:43 pm
weather was pretty rough yesterday. as it most always is in the pacific. it's always rough and always cold. they started taking on water. their boat was disabled. they started taking on water. eventually the water became too much for them. and their electronics failed, gps failed, and they decided it was best to abandon ship. >> reporter: petty officer, thanks very much. the search still going on. again, we don't know if they were out for some sort of leisurely outing or if they were going from point a to point b, if they live somewhere else. but we know that there is an all-out effort to see if they can find them. back to you. >> i hope they're okay. thank you, dan. appreciate it. this is a pretty weird, gross story. this guy is being called cannibal cop going on trial in new york. prosecutors say gilberto valle. police say he collected information and pictures of 100 women, conspired with another guy to kidnap, murder and eat
1:44 pm
one of them. allegedly part of something that involved a violent sexual fantasy. want to bring in deb who is covering the story. what do we know about what this was all about? >> reporter: it's fascinating. right now prosecutors are inside this courthouse, basically laying out their case in opening arguments. pe say this wasn't sexual fetish or fantasy, this was an actual con spir spi where the former nypd officer conspired with those in the united states and elsewhere to cannibalize women. he is a six-year veteran of the nypd. he's also charged with illegally accessing a computer for in-depth explanation of the
1:45 pm
women. defense will lay out, this is exaggerated, nothing more than a dark fetish. yes, is it disturbing. but they say there was no evidence ever to suggest that it was going to go from talk to operation to actually taking place. and right now prosecutors addressing the jury. the prosecutor even apologized, suzanne, saying, look, we are sorry. the evidence you're going to hear is very, very disturbing. this all came to light when the police officer's wife apparently very suspicious about what he was doing online at night, decided to track his movements and that's when she came upon these sites and the conversations he was having with these other people, the conspiracy, the alleged conspiracy. but apparently he had compiled files on at least 100 different women. and ten of whom were known both to the officer and though knew him. >> so, deb, just to be clear, this is a trial where there was a plan, alleged plot to do this. that this did not actually take place, is that true?
1:46 pm
>> reporter: no, it didn't. that's a very important distinction you make, suzanne. one thing you're hearing prosecutors say is that these were real women. this was a real conspiracy. but there's only one count, one conspiracy to kidnap charge, basically, and one for illegally accessing a computer. i'll tell you, that courtroom is actually packed. packed with prosecutors, packed with spectators, packed with members of the media. again, two counts, was it real or was it just a fantasy? that's what's going to have to be proven. >> wow. what a weird, weird case. deb, thank you. really appreciate it. this guy, of course, back in the spotlight. notre dame linebacker manti te'o. why he's now asking nfl teams to judge his skills, not his personal life.
1:47 pm
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manti te'o's future, of course, the nfl, but the problem, his recent past. the scandal over his fake girlfriend. it's got some people wondering if the teams want to invest millions of dollars in the player.player. he's showing off his talents for the nfl this week, trying to explain as well what happened. our rachel nickles is there in indianapolis for the week long showcase of nfl talent there. great to see you. how he is handling all of this? >> yeah, you know, suzanne, it is interesting. he's on the field right now doing the drills that really are the benchmark for most players that teams use to decide whether to draft him. nerve wracking stuff for most players. and he ran a little slower than people expected. for him, as important as the drills are, they're really child's play compared to the press conference he gave here on
1:51 pm
saturday. now, it was just 15 minutes, but it was first time he met the media en masse since this whole scandal. and a lot of teams said they were looking at that more closely than even the carefully controlled one on one interviews he's given because this is really under pressure, unpredictable and the reviews afterward have been pretty good. i spoke or texted with personnel people on several teams and they said they were impressed with the way he took responsibility for himself, they were impressed with his confidence. take a listen to how he sounded a couple of days ago. >> it is definitely embarrassing. you walking through a grocery store and people are staring at you, that's embarrassing. and it's -- i guess part of the process. part of the journey. but, you know, it is only going to make me stronger and it definitely has. >> now, you see that growth that he's talking about. that's going to be a big message from him, it is what teams want to hear. you've had a lot of teams like the carolina panthers say that
1:52 pm
as long as he seems like he's learned from this experience, they don't see that his draft stock is going to fall at all. remember, nfl teams are asked to consider players with all kinds of off field scenarios, some much more serious than this. duis, domestic battery situations. the general manager of the new york giants, as he put is, i've seen people with a lot more issues than his issue. the real question is how does this affect nfl teams going forward, the way they look at everybody? we had teams like the minnesota vikings say the te'o scandal made them change the way they consider social media. they're g they're going to star pouring through players a twitter and facebook pages, looking to form a more complete picture of who they are when they decide whether to draft them and, suzanne, you know college kids everywhere get that message from companies. don't have to be a future nfl prospect to know you got to be a little more careful these days. >> absolutely. a lesson learned there. good lesson. rachel, welcome to cnn. thanks. good to see you as always. >> thank you.
1:53 pm
so if you didn't stay to see the very end of the oscars, you missed a surprise guest presenter. watch this. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for, and the oscar goes to "argo." congratulations! >> this was a first. first lady michelle obama live from the white house announced the best picture oscar winner, the award, of course, she said went to "argo," a good film, saw it myself, about the daring rescue of six american diplomats from iran during the carter administration. and for the red carpet winners, losers, watch piers morgan tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern, all things oscar. for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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more changes to come. the internet giant yahoo! employees working at home, going to have to come now into the office. or quit. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. that's a huge change, alison, for a lot of people staying at home and it is, you know, a lifestyle, get to work, take care of the kids, that kind of thing. must be a huge reaction. >> there is. so, yeah, this is stemming from the fact that there is really no secret that yahoo! needs serious changes. and sometimes the best way to get a company turned around on the outside is to, you know, change the internal culture. sends a signal inside and out that things are going to be different and the old way is not going to fly anymore. now what we have is a private internal memo that is all over the internet. originally leaked to the tech news website all things d. it says communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side by side. that is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices. some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and
1:58 pm
cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings. of course, there is a big downside to this. it will change a lot of people's lives who work there. people will probably quit. at this point, yahoo! needs to cut costs. it may not really mind seeing unproductive employees wind up giving themselves their own pink slips. this could wind up working out for yahoo! in the end. >> but alison, what about the people working at home, they have kids, you know, they're trying to balance their lives a little bit. that must be pretty frustrating. >> it is. that's why if you look online, there is a harsh negative response on twitter from yahoo! employees and sympathizers. the new ceo is really taking a lot of heat from this. there are accusations of her taking this sort of in a way of feminism, going backwards. but you also have to remember this is actually coming from the woman who took only two weeks for her maternity leave so work-life balance, the bar is already pretty high. so she's taken only two weeks,
1:59 pm
she's setting a precedent, if you want to work, you got to come into the office if you want to work for yahoo! >> alison, thank you. appreciate it. this story, apparently americans have one too many at the bar. a new government study finds that 18% of men, 11% of women, drink more alcohol than federal guidelines actually recommend. government recommends americans limit themselves to two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women. interesting detail here, the heaviest male drinkers are in their 30s. while the heaviest female drinkers in their 50s and 60s. and also, want to end with this. women, ruling the world. south korea has a new leader and for the first time it is now a woman. she joins a small but elite group of female heads of state around the world. there are only 18 other female presidents or prime ministers out


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